Top IT firms in Bangladesh to hire for your tech solutions.

Top IT firms in Bangladesh to hire for your tech solutions.


Bangladesh is known as a developing country with many exciting opportunities for business, education, and leisure. But very few people realize that there are some golden opportunities available right here in the country and that is the booming IT industry.

Top IT firms in Bangladesh offer services ranging from start-up staffing solutions to full IT implementation in information technology.

The cutting-edge & world-class technology, innovative thinking, smart people, and business models are what sets these firms apart from their peers. 


The country is a hub for IT talent – some of the best and brightest from all over the world find a home here. I've been researching and writing about the best IT firms in Bangladesh for the past six months, and today I'm proud to present my top 10 picks. 


The list includes some well-known names; others are lesser-known firms but have made a mark on their provinces for achieving excellence in local IT services. 

These 10 firms are all rated 4.5 stars or higher by overseas customers; the highest average score among all firms reviewed is 5 stars.


Before we mention the Top Software companies in Bangladesh who are doing really well in their area, first we need to know what makes a company great in the IT industry?


What makes a company great in the IT industry?

Now here is the Question: we couldn't find the right measures to judge a company as the best because some associations consider Technology, People, Environment & Innovation are the main measurable elements while others think Work Culture, Work Quality, Company Stability & Business performance are the main elements that are the main measurements to count a company best.


  1. Having a good leader
  2. Maintain Client Satisfaction
  3. Take care of their employees
  4. Providing a flexible work environment
  5. Their attitude towards innovation
  6. Have a unique work culture
  7. The ability to deliver high-quality work in time
  8. Good infrastructure and talented people in-house
  9. Using the resources efficiently
  10. Maintain Professionalism in their responsibilities


Having a good leader


Leadership is an incredibly difficult skill to learn and to keep consistently practicing. People who want to be leaders often find it hard to know where to turn for help. This is because most people have a general idea of what leadership looks like but rarely know how to get there.

In the IT industry, It is very hard to find a good CEO/Leader who is like a captain in the ship and can convey the team in the right direction by having so many factors and a set of skills.

IT firms often go to destroy for the wrong decision of the leader. A strong personality, as well as friendly behavior, is sometimes very important.


A good leader has a visionary approach toward achieving a goal and he encourages his team to think with freedom and to generate new ideas.


Maintain Client Satisfaction


In today’s business environment, it is vital to maintain client satisfaction—this means working hard to deliver the best service and ensuring that your clients receive value for their money.


There is more to running a successful practice than just curing clients of their ills. Practicing what you preach and learning from mistakes is one thing, but identifying which areas of practice contribute the most to client satisfaction and implementing them effectively is where real business success lies. 


So when deciding which areas of practice to invest in, you shouldn't just focus on the outcomes – you need to consider which approach consistently produces the highest level of client satisfaction.


Take care of their employees


Bad management can cause a lot of issues with the company. In some cases, no one will notice the difference. But the damage will be done. IT can be costly to repair and a lot of time-consuming. 

You may not even realize that the problems have been caused by someone else. If the employees aren't happy in their jobs, they may quit or find another job opportunity elsewhere. No one wants that to happen! So IT firms need to take care of them!


Providing a flexible work environment


The modern working lifestyle is being challenged by the ever-increasing demand for talent and technology. Organizations are focusing on reining in costs while increasing the agility of their teams to deliver projects on time and within budget. 


One way that organizations provide flexibility is by providing their employees with flexible work arrangements. This can be a change for the better for your employees if you know how to deal with them and their needs.


Their attitude towards innovation


Staying relevant in the high-tech industry doesn't just mean being a good worker. It also means thinking outside the box and using new models to increase efficiency. 


The IT industry has historically been resistant to change, but that can be changing. Venture capitalists are increasingly putting money into IT startups because they believe those companies have a chance to succeed based on their unique capabilities instead of simply competing with each other for customers.


Have a unique work culture


Having a unique work culture gives you a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining top talent for your business. To be effective at work, you need a culture that supports autonomy, self-expression, and teamwork.


The ability to deliver high-quality work in time


One of the most critical issues facing companies right now is the inability to meet deadlines.

Timing is everything for the startup and IT company.

A good IT firm should provide their clients work on time by utilizing and margin resources very efficiently.


Good infrastructure and talented people in-house


There are two main approaches to building a good IT operation. The first has been around long enough that it's become second nature: hiring talented people in-house. 


This is when the company has invested time, money, and energy into building its own systems and applications rather than relying on off-the-shelf solutions. It may involve learning some new skills and going through an in-depth learning program for on-site jobs. 


The second approach is for the company to outsource some of its IT functions, either through a nutrient-rich provider like Chef — which specializes in creating IT-driven menu systems.


Using the resources efficiently


There are some fundamental principles to follow when working with any resource: divide and conquer, transparency, detail, predictability. While these are helpful in any organization, it is especially important with resources that are human. Good IT firms use their resources very efficiently.


Maintain Professionalism in their responsibilities


Professionalism or adherence to the rules and regulations is important in the Information Technology (IT) industry.


Maintain professionalism - consistency and goodwill are attributes shared by professionals across the globe. This mindset will help you stay focused and organized when working on important projects. 


So based on the above-mentioned Quality we find few amazing IT companies in Bangladesh who have all of the qualities and that can differentiate them from others. 


A company needs years of experience in its technology solutions to be ranked as best.

Experienced firms offer development solutions to their clients by adopting the latest technology in a cost-effective way. 

We find a list of 10 major components by which a company claims to be the best among the others.






REVE Systems, a company that provides VoIP & IP Communication solutions for mobile VoIP, SIP Softswitch, VoIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization, WebRTC, Enterprise Communication, e-Governance, and Mobile OTT, has won several awards including RED Herring’s 2012 Top 100 Global Winner.


REVE has been working with VoIP solution providers since 2003 and currently works with over 4500 tele-communication companies in 78 different countries which also includes 100+ Million End Users.

To reach the high-growth regions in Asia-Pacific, REVE has opened development centers in Bangladesh and India including regional presence in the USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Hong Kong.




Founded in 2016, Softopark IT LTD has gained immense popularity and recognition in Bangladesh for many reasons including the best Digital service providing company.


SOFTOPARK  helps entrepreneurs succeed at creating and running their own online business in the multiple sectors of Bangladesh.

The company gained a solid reputation for delivering high-quality web design and development services.

The company provides comprehensive website & e-commerce related services including web design, development, UI UX design, Content Development, & Digital marketing.


Softopark IT LTD has developed more than 500+ websites, among them there are more than 200+ advanced applications and also they developed their own Products & Services.


If you are looking for the most reputable IT development companies in Bangladesh, Softopark is the leading one.




Divine IT Limited is an IT consulting and software development company specializing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Information Technology Solutions.

Divine IT with its dedicated teams provides high-quality IT solutions with professional management services and on-time turnkey automation. This company specialized in customer relationship management, system integration, and end-to-end business process.


The company has won many awards, including the BASIS National ICT Award 2017, 17th APICTA international award 2017. The company won the National productivity and excellence award in 2017.




Driven by innovation - guided by integrity - creating quality solutions that build a digital delta of efficiency for the client.DataSoft is a Bangladesh-based software company that has received CMMI level 5 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.


DataSoft has been providing technical services to customers in both the corporate and public sectors since 1998. This company has a strong portfolio in the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial intelligence.


DataSoft is a pioneer of working with the latest technologies that help us imagine tomorrow.




Raisul Kabir has been running Brain Station 23 since 2006. He started the company immediately after graduating from BUET with little capital and a lot of work ethic and unwavering commitment.


In the time since then, the company has shown continuous growth and currently employs over 400+ software engineers. Brain Station 23 is a reputable brand in Bangladesh, but it's also one of the most reputable brands in foreign countries including the USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, and the Middle East. 




Magnito Digital is a digital agency in Bangladesh with more than 90 employees. It's known for its unconventional company culture. The company follows a strategy of Combined data, content and technology are key to solving problems.


According to the company,  it focuses on developing and deploying digital content in order to engage with the right audience.

Magnito Digital won a Gold trophy to become the Campaign Asia-Pacific: Digital Agency of the Year 2015 in the Rest of South




This company is a major outsourcing destination for software development and has more than 600 software developers.

This company offers offshore software development, application management as a service, and software testing & automation including IoT, big data, AI, deep learning, fintech.




KAZ Software has an environment that has a combination of excitement, professionalism, and fun that will keep employees happy. This company started its journey as a start-up software outsourcing company in 2004.

This company was listed as a  Bangladesh limited company in 2005 and has been growing every year.




This company offers a variety of different IT solutions that can automate your business, grow it dynamically, reduce management costs, and relieve stress.


This company focuses on helping businesses develop and improve. The company's unique approach is what makes it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, 75% of customers come back via referrals.


ROOPOKAR offers a range of development services in the Local market including Software solutions, Web applications,s, and Mobile applications.



Southtech Group has grown from a small software business in Dhaka with only 4 employees to now a family of over 125. The passion that Southtech has for bringing the best technology to the world is evident in its growth.

The growth of Southtech shows that a true commitment to business can create sustainable positive change in Bangladesh.


Southtech's dedication to excellence in software development has led to CMMI Level 5 certification.



When picking an IT company for your Tech project, consider their reputation for professional work and ability to deliver results.Bangladesh is now a big player in the world IT industry, which is growing rapidly. But there are hundreds of IT companies in Bangladesh that operate without international standards.

So be cautious when you choose a company for your startup or  IT Project.


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