Case study of building a successful local search engine ( in Bangladesh by SOFTOPARK

In order to establish a search engine, there are a lot of things to consider. The platform requires it to be secure and scalable. It also needs to be able to speed up users' searches without tracking their searches. It should have the ability to crawl millions of pages in a blink of an eye while maintaining high-quality results. It has to process queries in real-time which requires a tremendous amount of processing power. Using Elasticsearch for local search engines is fundamental.

We are therefore proud to announce the release of our local Search Engine Our innovative technology allows us to power searches across thousands of applications while returning useful results in microseconds.

What is Jo-Hukum?

JO-HUKUM is a local search engine for Bangladesh, which covers all categories and location-specific business information under the visibility of the general public. The company believes that: Just like online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay provide information about products and sellers, JO-HUKUM provides the same service to the local business owner allowing them to share their business details with the consumers. The main motto of this company is to connect local business owners with their potential consumers, get new customers for their business, and generate selling leads for them.

JO-HUKUM is the pioneer of Local Search Engines in Bangladesh. It is a 100% LOCAL search engine. By using it you can seek out a local business on your location, near your location, or in any area of Bangladesh.

What are the key components which we have implemented to develop jo-hukum ?

SOFTPARK developed a sustainable, scalable, secured & powerful workflow foundation for building jo-hukum with a high-quality user experience. With a proven core search engine, a rich query language, a scalable text-processing pipeline, and modern parallel data management systems & ai based analytics algorithm.

We implemented a robust Technology Stake for their high-end development needs.

Application architecture: Microservice architecture

Backend technology: Node.js & Express.js

Database: MongoDB

Frontend Technology: Vue.js & Next

Search technology: Elastic search

AI Framework: Tensorflow

Deployment: AWS

With over 150,000 business data collected and verified correctly, we developed a central web application and an android app that connects with multiple web services. We incorporated the ElasticSearch search engine to deliver a faster and smoother search experience. We designed the whole system in Microservice Architecture to incorporate multiple web services. Also to authenticate seamlessly among those multiple web services, we developed a common-auth system (Supporting both local and social authentication). For reliable communication among multiple services, we used messaging queue optimally. To make the whole user experience faster we used Redis as our caching system. We also developed our own analytics system. We hosted the application on AWS with a highly scalable infrastructure. More optimization of the whole system is ongoing.

How does jo-hukum work?

We made a business index where users can search for even the smallest businesses near them or near his/her desired location and get verified detailed data about them. The platform will also allow the users to communicate with the business, buy or rent from them, book a service, etc. It’s going to be a super app with all one solution. Vendors will also be able to add their business, sell, get analytics about the users’ behavior about his/her business and promote their business using the platform.

Core Challenges of Jo-HUkum that are solved by SOFTOPARK’s efficient & dedicated team.

The Main Challenge was to build the whole system on microservice architecture.

The Second most challenge was designing complex database architecture.

And the third challenge was to develop a high functional & user-friendly search algorithm.

The other technologies' stakes such as backend technology, frontend technology, API management, End to end encryption & app development were also challenging because we need to integrate one into another and run the whole system in a corresponding manner.

In a Nutshell, Jo-Hukum local search engine in Bangladesh & a growing startup aimed to serve local nearby authentic data to its visitors. At SOFTOPARK, we help them to implement their ideas into reality.

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