Digital Marketing Campaign: How to Create One Effectively

With e-commerce on the way to becoming one of the leading industries in Bangladesh, many of the up-and-coming startups have to rely on an effective Digital campaign to gain footing in their desired market. Additionally, there is a certain playbook to follow when you’re reaching your audience virtually, which is now considered a mass market. Below are the six most effective practices in order to create the best digital marketing campaign for your business:

1. Set your Digital Marketing Agenda:

You must have a clear objective -

A lot of what you are campaigning for depends on what you (the business) want to achieve from the campaign: is it branding, launching a new product, boosting an old product to increase sales, or entering a new market?

Team Consensus -

The goals must be approved by and made aware to all the members who will be a part of the campaign so that everyone has directives about what is being done, why it's being done, and how to do it.

Financial Planning -

Many businesses try to squeeze campaigns into the existing marketing budget but Digital marketing tends to be very dynamic and your budget may vary throughout the campaign for various reasons- domain costs, paid clicks/views boosting on social media, PR sampling, etc. which requires a consistent, planned budget which is well thought out ahead of time.

Thematic Accuracy -

The theme of the campaign must coincide with the Objectives of the business and the product's USP. This is especially important when campaigning through social media as you need to specify the audience category and put detailed post descriptions for better engagements. Better yet, optimize your graphics so that they appear user-friendly and aesthetic, no matter which device it’s viewed on.

2. Know and be known to your audience: madly research your market

Selecting the target audience may not be difficult but reaching out to them can be a little tricky unless you have in-depth information about what they like, dislike, desire, and how their expense patterns actually are. Is that relevant to their online habits? Is Digital Marketing the way to go for them? Would campaign digitally if you wanted to sell your products in a remote village?

If you believe your product has the potential to grab the attention of the market, you must what sets it apart from others. You must also know what similar products the market has and whether or not their virtual foothold reflects the potential of your own product in the market, especially if it's a new product. The audience probably doesn't know you. Someone else probably has them hypnotized. Are you confident enough that a few posts, blogs, and videos can muster enough engagement? Only your research will tell!

3. How long do you need for this campaign?

Truth be told, fame on digital platforms is short-lived. The dynamics change every hour and Reddit and Facebook timelines are promoting, demoting, raising, or bringing things down constantly. If you wish for a long-term digital campaign, it's best to plan 6 months' worth of content ahead, but you must also be ready to upgrade your style, words, and design as soon as something new gets into the virtual world.

The stage of your planning should be long before launching, but once the campaign has launched, you must make tactical decisions about its future regularly and stay prepared to update it daily. In the digital world, vacations don't exist. You miss out for a second, it's over.

The period for generating results may not be as instantaneous as the potential to fail. Generating response through likes and shares may be fairly faster, but generating the true goal out of your campaign may be a lengthy, gradual process that requires unmistakable consistency.

4. Digital Marketing Trends- Choose and implement the one that resonates with your business

The most popular digital marketing terms you will come across are SEO, CRP, and UGC marketing. For an effective digital campaign, it’s necessary that you learn about these trends and associate the best choice with your campaign to gain success.

  • SEO Marketing: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which through organic search engine returns, is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to the website.

It means, when a person searches for anything in relevance to your product or service, their keywords will direct them to your website. This is done organically by making your web content up-to-date and specific to your product and customer base- the set of keywords used in your titles or written descriptions must contain catchphrases related to your business so that it attracts the correct audience.

  • CRP Marketing: The Consumer Referral Program or CRP is a carefully structured program aimed at establishing long-term partnerships with current consumers that will benefit the organization by constructive references and feedback. Its goal is to organize the happiest consumers on the market and to transform them into brand ambassadors who help the business grow.

There are a number of ways to do this digitally and the most popular trends right now are live broadcasts where you not only promote the products, but interact with your customers, and through influencers who often receive and advance pre-launch product, use it on themselves and review it for their followers; these trends are acceptable to consumers as they consider these people genuine and one of them.

  • UGC Marketing: Which brings us to the final category- User Generated Content or UGC, which is any content made by users rather than brands, such as text, videos, photos, ratings, etc. This works closely with the CRP Marketing Strategy, the only difference being that rather than promoting a brand directly, it gets the name out there, creating publicity while the customers are free to provide their opinions. This makes the brand appear more positive and transparent.

In choosing which trend might be good for your campaign, refer to your customer base. If the loyalty is fairly higher, feel free to experiment. If you are a new brand, however, UGC may just not yet be a risk you’re willing to take as the outcome is often uncertain and disappointing if a user makes a negative review and it picks up bad publicity. SEO and CRP give the business more control over the content and narrative- just focus on the fluency and relevance quotient of the things you publish online and you’re good to go!

5. Results: Accomplishments, Counter-productivity, and Fixes

Say, your campaign period is over, your product is where you want it to be, or at least close to your expectations prior to the campaign. Or perhaps, it completely failed because the digital world takes in a lot at once and feels saturated at times. It’s okay, there are more steps to this.

Evaluation. This is the most crucial aspect of your campaign because it will determine the future of your upcoming campaigns and even the business.

To evaluate, you need to collate the data: engagements through Facebook and Google Analytics, comments or feedback on the campaign, sales, post-purchase feedback of your customers, multiple purchases, new customers, existing customers, etc. to find out how many of the set objectives you have achieved, how many you couldn’t or fell short of.

Once you have gained access to all of that information and analyzed them, you will be able to identify what went wrong and can further research how it could be better. Feel free to compare yourself and your campaign to similar ones in the vicinity for more practical insight.

Lastly, creating an effective digital campaign may seem intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it flows in an obvious manner. These are tips experts swear by, so it’s worth a shot!

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