Google Digital Garage: Graduate with a Free Diploma

The digital world can be merciless to you if you are trying to build a career in it without the essential background education; well, you can relax as long as you know about the Google Digital Garage. The Google Digital Garage is part of the initiative “Grow with Google” which allows you to develop professional skills through online and in-person training, with a number of courses in Marketing, Data Analysis, Web Toolkits, Skill & Career development, etc., which not only takes you forward in a corporate employment sector but also helps you become self-sufficient through freelance and entrepreneurship. Eventually, you receive a diploma that certifies the completion of the course.

Grow with Google works with small businesses, job seekers & students, developers, veterans & military families, startups, educators, and IT Support. Before we move into the “how” part of the conversation, let’s consider why these courses and certifications are essential:

  • There is no requirement for advanced experience: 61% of students studying do not have a four-year degree.
  • Set your own pace and timeline: In three to six months, the average learner finishes the IT support package.
  • Train from anywhere: The classes are 100% free, and there are no criteria in a person.
  • Receivers of the certification can make contact with a community of top employers.
  • Qualify for jobs with wages as high as $55,000 across industries demanding the said skills.
  • Strengthen your resume and dazzle your employer with a qualification that can potentially add new heights to your career development parameter.
  • To enhance their job hunt and interview prep, learners will have access to professional resources.

Google Digital Garage

The Google Digital Marketing Certification is a credential awarded by Google after successfully fulfilling the Digital Marketing Course Foundation criteria. The credential is approved by The Open University and the Digital Advertising Bureau Europe. For those who are looking to learn the basics of digital marketing or also brush up on their digital marketing experience and expertise, it is a straightforward but well-rounded course.

For training in Digital Marketing and certification in the field, it is best suited for you to take the free online course in Digital Marketing from Google Digital Garage. There are credibility concerns, which is understandable, which is why their trainers are professionals in the field, from deep into Google itself, proficiently creating one-on-one helpful videos and course materials to help you comprehend the course effectively.

Google Digital Garage only conducts the courses online. This school offers training in 37 certificates, the most up-to-date being Digital Marketing, the Digital Marketing Certification Basics, and the Digital Marketing Fundamentals. Depending on the qualification, the time to complete this training ranges from 5 hours to 2 months, with a median time to finish of 1 week.

Modules for Digital Garage Courses

While free, this course is rigorous and full of excellent foundational material. There are about 40 hours of tutorials, check-in questions, and quizzes, with 26 modules. The modules are divided into 7 major parts, entitled:

  • Divulging into Online Businesses
  • Locate and distribute as an Online Retailer
  • Make your business Mobile: Networking 101
  • Increase Audience with Effective Ads
  • Tracking and Measuring Web Traffic
  • Sell online: Product, Services and Businesses
  • Go Global with your Business

You can monitor your progress after you build your account, download your credential (after completing the course and passing an exam), and get free access to all of Google Digital Garage's online lessons and face-to-face workshops.

Google Digital Garage Qualifications

The qualifications one can gain by spending some time and effort in Google Digital Garage are as follows:

1. Data Analyst: To better inform critical business decisions, data analysts use data. For key insights, they plan, collect, and interpret data, share their conclusions with stakeholders, and offer data-driven suggestions for successful action. This credential helps learners develop skills at the introductory stage, including faith in using resources and frameworks to store, interpret, visualize and obtain knowledge from data to manage the data lifecycle.

2. Project Manager: In order to ensure that they are successfully executed with optimum efficiency and value-added to the enterprise, project managers are responsible for preparing and managing projects. This credential focuses on skills at the beginner stage, such as standard project management foundations, while also giving insight into agile project management.

3. UX Designer: Designers of user interface (UX) find technology easier and more fun to use. To make them functional, functional, and open to users, they build or refine applications and interfaces. This credential teaches learners the fundamentals of UX architecture and studies at the beginner level, designing designs and wireframes for low-fidelity, making samples for high-fidelity, and measuring.

4. IT Support Specialist: When technology fails us, IT help is all about troubleshooting and problem solving and delivering excellent customer service along the way. From networking to operating systems, and system management to workplace defense, specialists help everything. In our Google IT Help Technical Credential program in the United States, 80 percent of learners record a career impact within 6 months, such as having a new job, having a promotion, or beginning a new company. The credential is a launchpad for an IT career.

Additionally, the program provides training in customer relation development, communication, e-commerce basics, coding, public relations, strategic planning, etc. These courses are open to all and are recommended. In recent years, the job market has shifted a lot, which is why it does not matter what age or years of experience one has.

But what do students have to say about Google Digital Garage?

CrOPhoenix on Reddit says in favor of the program, “I will always recommend the course since it is the best course to understand the absolute basics, if you never worked in marketing and want to start, this is the best choice. You will learn the "why" of SEO, SERP, Local SEO, setting up GoogleMyBusiness, PPC, Social media marketing, Social media advertising, Content marketing, Marketing plans, Video marketing, affiliate marketing, and few other things.”

The Digital Communications of RSPCA Assured, Jodie Adam recommends the courses to both experts and newbies alike, saying, “it’s also great for getting a good grounding in digital marketing. The real targets of this course are small businesses and entrepreneurs who need to promote themselves online.” She further adds that the flexibility in pacing allowed her to quickly revise her pre-owned skills and spend more time acquiring ones she had less prowess over.

So, if you are not already tired of work/study from home and have a few extra hours at hand, you want to take yourself a few steps ahead in the digital world and proceed in the success ladder with skills that will help you become a favorite in the e-business environment, you must give Google Digital Garage a shot!

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