Top 7 best IT firm in Bangladesh who are thriving right now

Digital Bangladesh is now an essential part of the country as IT firms start to grow rapidly and contribute to the country's economy as well as to make technological growth of the country. The government now aims to attract foreign clients as well as local clients; accordingly, many IT firms are established in Bangladesh to fulfill those needs.

Bangladesh is developing at a very fast pace. A lot of IT companies are established here to fulfill the needs of foreign clients. A few companies are also there to deliver the products & services to domestic people. Generally, they are providing outsourcing services to American, European, Australian, and Asian clients.

Despite growing challenges, the IT sector is expanding rapidly, and many new players are involved in the sector. The Internet penetration rate in Bangladesh is so high right now; so that there is huge room for growth. Some of the major obstacles have been identified, fixed, and eliminated. The market for IT in this country is expected to grow continuously in the future.

These are the 7 best IT firms in Bangladesh that are thriving right now.  This list is based on their current performance on different blog ratings on the web.  There are many factors to consider when you choose a reliable IT company in Bangladesh, so it is quite difficult for an ordinary person to decide on which company or which firm to work on.

Since there are millions of people on the internet nowadays, it has become easy for us bloggers to know information about companies. So please see the following top 7 best IT firms in Bangladesh, who are thriving right today -

Divine IT LTD

divine it

Divine IT is a highly skilled high-tech multi-disciplinary team of "engineers nationwide" which own PrismERP, PrismVAT, Linspay, Onebook, Centroid, and many more having hands-on experience in providing services to the global industry; over the past decade over 500 enthusiastic & passionate individuals that are empowered with cutting edge technologies, tools & methodologies.

Divine IT is a Stand-Alone, adaptable, scalable, and tailor-made software development company offering a wide range of customized solutions to their valued clients.

REVE Systems

REVE Systems, the industry leader in Mobile VoIP, SIP Softswitch, SIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization, WebRTC Integration, E-Governance and Mobile OTT applications is proudly announcing the debut of their latest product - REVE Base. This highly robust platform is built on the legacy of all other products. If your next project requires an IP Telephony solution, look no further than REVE Systems.


Softopark is the leading web development, eCommerce, and digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. Established in 2015, they have a 6 years-long proven track record of building profitable businesses with our clients. Softopark is at the forefront of Bangladeshi technology companies. They work with brands across industries to deliver innovative solutions that will ultimately benefit the consumer.

Softopark makes useful things for the internet. They try to put their knowledge into a service that can be used by everyone. They developed a super app called jo-hukum as it’s the most powerful local search engine in Bangladesh. The CEO of SOFTOPARK IT LTD said that “We focused on creating a website that looks good and works well. When we were designing our Web site, we thought about these basic principles: Simple, Easy to understand, Clear and Marked.”

This company works on Web development, Ecommerce Shop development/design, Mobile application development, Game development, Shopify development,  PPC management, Brand promotion & Designing. They are a group of people with different expertise who are working to achieve our common goals through our hard work.

Softopark has set up a demonstrated worldwide standing as an organization. Softopark tries to convey driving edge IT arrangements and innovation support.

Datasoft Systems BD ltd

DataSoft is a leading software product and service company that provides innovative IT solutions and products to customers in both Corporate and public sectors undertakings. Established in 1998, DataSoft has had a successful track record of delivering innovative and cost-effective technical services to more than 200 customers which includes large conglomerates of Bangladesh and other countries like Australia, Norway and the UK.

Southtech Group

Southtech Group is a growing conglomerate of information technology companies that has been in operation for over 25 years. They are the humble beneficiaries of some great minds who have passed on their knowledge to us. They are now working to ensure that this knowledge is applied by new entrants into the IT industry.

Southtech Group provides solutions for clients across the globe in different sectors including Education, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Hospitality, Media & Entertainment and much more.

Brain Station 23 Limited

Brain Station 23 is a leading Software Development Company in Bangladesh. They conceptualize, design, and develop software for individuals, businesses, and enterprises. They mainly focus on providing web and mobile solutions catering to diverse markets like finance, retailing, logistics, and communication. Their team is composed of skilled and experienced developers with expertise in several fields. They implement technology using industry best practices and we approach every development project with a pragmatic and business-oriented approach.

LeadSoft Bangladesh LTD

LeadSoft is a public limited company with a view to being a leading IT/ITES solution provider in the country.

They are committed to delivering high-quality IT-based solutions to the financial sector in Bangladesh and overseas. Their in-depth involvement in the development, implementation and maintenance of systems for many banks in Bangladesh has enabled us to build a vast bank domain knowledge in Central Bank rules & regulations, accounting systems, operations, information security, etc.

They employ sound business processes through their expertise & experience to ensure successful implementation of these systems which results in enhanced performance of the banking, insurance, and financial services sector.

In a nutshell, One of the biggest challenges when developing software in Bangladesh is finding a good tech partner. Bangladesh has many top-notch developers, but it can be difficult to find small companies that deliver big results. So here I mentioned 7 software development companies in Bangladesh that are thriving right now. You can pick one for your next IT project.

Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day.

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Softopark, a top-notch IT company in Bangladesh, specializes in web development, e-commerce solutions, content development, and digital marketing. We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the digital age. Since 2015, we've been providing cutting-edge digital solutions & marketing support.
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