10 Ecommerce Chatbot Examples

10 Ecommerce Chatbot Examples


Chatbots are not an uncommon or sort of thing that you have not heard of. A chatbot is a feature or an artificial system you may have encountered but may not have thought of it as it is being fully machine automated and designed to conversate with you as a true human despite itself being a robot and being controlled by the machine.

As you may not have known What a chatbot is, let me clear it out for you…

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computerized system that is designed to conversate with humans in a human-friendly way, via text replies or voice answers and sometimes both,  when they are on a specific website or webpage. Let me clear you, Chatbots are just automated programs, meaning it simply showcases or conversates the way the things that are already wireframed and designed based on a user experience flow.

Chatbots can work on very well-known platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. When in this time of technology, services like virtual assistance are competing very hard to replace services like call centers and customer support centers, and more. Companies nowadays get a pleasant form of cost-saving policy, but as well attracting more new customers and sometimes with the less amount of human resource.

Chatbots are a kind of virtual helping hands, who communicate with the front-users eager to get something answered by us(the maintainer of the website). to give you a piece of extra valuable information, there are other types of chatbots as well. Chatbots are fully manual, meaning just the method of transmitting the text sent by the user and viewing at the maintaining user-end and then replying to the user via text or voice.

What is a Chatbot?










Image - including 3 different types of chatbots

Chatbots are not a new thing by now, but surely is a hype of being used by companies or being implemented in their business. Chatbots nowadays are much more powerful than they used to be, due to the high peak evolution of web technologies in recent years. Chatbots are one of some web technologies that still holds the definition of what it is meant for and meant to be. It is certain to say that many companies or businesses are relying mostly and fully on just chatbots to run their whole businesses.

The rise of chatbots in eCommerce

In this topic, we will show you some of the well-known companies that use them and mostly fully rely on them and take the most advantage of chatbots to grow their eCommerce side of the business. So, you may not find any answers to your questions such as “ is Alexa a chatbot? “
In short, we present to you 10 Ecommerce Chatbot Examples that you can check out and try to use and design the almost same user experience based and for your eCommerce business.

Let’s begin with the 10 Ecommerce Chatbot Examples.

Thanks to Chatfuel for providing us this list of 10 eCommerce chatbot examples. Chatfuel is a bot platform for creating an AI chatbot on Facebook. So let’s have a look at the list.

Here we did not compare them, these chatbots these re just simply some of the best ones we have found. Most of them are AI-powered and are continuously in an update or in some case uses Machine learning to be more like a virtual Assistant in the virtual world, so it might not be to describe all of them unless you as a consumer found it relevant and have fulfilled your satisfaction of being served. 

We have described some of them which we think is just to make sure you understand how the use of chatbots especially from the communication side may differ based on company types of products and purposes of the chatbot. 

Here we present to you 10 Ecommerce Chatbot Examples.

Company Description Link
 T-Mobile T-Mobile bot sells phones via Messenger and gives users an option to connect to a live agent via chat. Chat on Messenger
 Golden   State   Warriors Warriors Assistant bot give fans team info, game info, live game notifications, game highlights, arena info, and team merchandise they can buy. Chat on Messenger



HelloFresh’s bot, Freddy, functions mostly as a customer support bot, helping the company respond to customers in a fast, concise manner. Chat on Messenger
  Just Eat Just Eat’s bot has added an element of fun to finding takeaway food, by installing a chatbot that lets people search restaurants near them with emojis and keywords. Chat on Messenger
 Beauty   Player Beauty Player’s bot asks users whether their skin is dry, oily, or sensitive then offers relevant skincare tips, and recommends an appropriate facial mask (and coupon code) from their product line. Chat on Messenger
 Argomall Argomall’s chatbot augments live customer support of argomall.com and allows customers to place orders 24/7/365 conveniently over Messenger. Chat on Messenger
 Christina   Milian Christina Milian’s bot enables fans to listen to music, and purchase merchandise from Messenger. Chat on Messenger
SnapTrave SnapTravel simplifies the travel booking experience using Messenger. Chat on Messenger
 Sephora Sephora Assistant enables you to easily book a makeover, or share feedback on a store. Chat on Messenger
 Tommy   Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger’s bot enables users to shop, view lookbooks, and receive customer support directly from Messenger. Chat on Messenger


Let’s move on to the description part, where we explained some of the innovative and different chatbots on our list.

1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is a Mobile Telecommunication Company one of the largest companies in the world, it is a part of. T-mobile is also one of the largest retailers for selling smartphones in Europe & the USA, smartphones that are made in different parts of the world especially from Asian countries like China & South Korea. bot sells phones via Messenger and gives users an option to connect to a live agent via chat.












2. HelloFresh

Now, this is an exciting one, a different variant of eCommerce relying on meal kits. HelloFresh is a German-based company that sells meal kits to people when they need them. One thing you might get confused about is what do they do? HelloFresh offers food recipe ingredients that are ideal for a recipe to be cooked, and so that people can make the food within a few minutes without hesitation of going to the market and choosing what to pick or not pick and avoid conflict of getting distracted to buy a lot of irrelevant stuff.












They have plans differentiated for items such as vegetable kits, fish food, etc. which are offered as plans based on the number of people and the ingredient you choose. HelloFresh currently operates in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Bangladesh.

You might ask why all this information, well HelloFresh is a bit new of its kind and mostly for the country it operates and for the countries it doesn’t. This information surely should give you an idea of how they serve their customers through chatbot as the largest meal-kit provider in the US and other operating countries of the world.

HelloFresh’s bot, also known as Freddy, functions mostly as a customer support bot, helping the company respond to customers in a fast, concise manner. - Click here to chat via messenger

3. SnapTravel 

SnapTravel may be a bit more familiar than all the other companies’ chatbots. SnapTravel is a Travel Agency, a Digital Travel Agency that is clear to say has built a business that operates, relies upon, and fully runs the total system within a chatbot. SnapTravels unique chatbot that runs using AI and works seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp,















and SMS to search for the best hotel deals and flights. The chatbot is so powerful that customers can use SnapTravel to check for flights, reservations, and prices just like a normal system run on the web, but whereas Snaptravel runs within a chatbot. - Click here to chat on messenger

4. Sephora

Sephora is a well-known Cosmetics brand, Sephora is the one and the only brand of its category to be in our list of chatbot examples with such innovation in chatbot technology.












Sephora is quite different and unique from all the others in this list by making the use of two chatbots to serve its customers. The first one being Sephora Reservation Assistant, using which customers can make a Sephora booking fast enough. Based on some reports this chatbot has increased conversion rates to over 11% after applying this chatbot to use. The 2nd one called Sephora Virtual Artist - which is why the innovation word I used earlier. It allows customers to try different lipstick shades by simply uploading a photo, which takes the Sephora chatbot onto a higher new level. -  Chat on Messenger


As a consumer, these are some of the best customer communication chatbots available on the market. Building a chatbot like any of these is not so easy to build one as such. With Chatfuel you make a chatbot for any platform under the Facebook Inc. umbrella, yet it surely requires some extensive knowledge and skills of communication and customer behavior analysis. You can always rely on the experts at Softopark It Ltd. for these technical matters. 

Leave a comment if you found anything hard to understand or facing a problem regarding chatbot development. Our team is here to help.