10 Best Website Builder of 2021

Best website builders - you may miss out, read it fully!

For the ones who are in a hurry and waiting for the direct answer to this question, well here you are. But spoiler alert! Here is a list of website builders, but you might miss out on the “why reasons” for each one of them, the 10 best website builder for 2021 are given below, have a look at our top choices based on user-terms analysis:

1. Wix

2. Squarespace

3. Shopify

4. Weebly

5. WordPress

6. Webflow

7. Wow Weber Website Builder

8. Jimdo

9. NicePage

10. Duda

Summary at a glance

In this topic, we look at the 10 best website builders of 2021.

Building a website is quite like building a PC, apart from there is a virtual and physical difference between them, the PC being a physical thing.

  • Finding the gears and materials available on the market is a hard job when you have so many options to choose from, and getting them all in one place and gearing them up for a proper build to give you the best performance is absolute tricky stuff you every consumer have to pass through. So why not find a shop where all the ingredients needed are available and assembling those parts are also available within their service plan as well as optional service offers like free servicing warranty if something gets broken within the range of 3 months or so.
  • The same goes for a Website Build as well, choosing the best programming language that matches and integrates flawlessly with the inside-out of your website UI interface and security seamlessly without any hassle. But after that, finding the right developer can be a more fainting task as you have to deal with a lot of developers, compare the best and choose your selection. Later keeping the track of the project is a more tough case to handle. The optional time and costings for updates of the website is also a factor to rethink about.
  • So, it is better to find solutions that offer all the services and features compact within a subscription method where you pay a little for the things you are getting all together. The prices are relatively low because the solutions are developed for not just you but for a mass quantity of people like you.

Are things getting too sketchy!!! and too complicated!! I get your point, and to maintain a healthy flow of what I explained earlier, and the flow of your research knowledge at a short and not time-consuming pace for your next website build, let’s dive into it.

Comparing the best website builders might sound easy but in actual it is not. It is quite hard and confusing when it comes to comparing the best website builders especially when they are in many formats and many competitions arrived in the field each offering better web solutions and services over the other.

But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back bro! Our team of  Business Analysts at Softopark It Ltd. is always with the latest tech and reports to keeping ourselves embedded and our audience such as you updated!

Let’s begin, shall we…

Before we begin, let us learn a bit about website builders.

What is a Website Builder?

Website Builders are simply as the name suggests and intents. Website builders are platforms that help you build websites without the necessity of knowing to code or even needing to code, everything is quite simple and within the grip of any average techie and non-techie. Website Builders are just like a Content Management System (CMS) rather made by a company for a mass audience to be used by and self-hosted means hosted on the company's servers saving you cost, time, maintenance, and continuous security monitoring to keep your website safe from Hackers and you pay less than a fraction of the cost of a web developer only once a month.

On the other hand, Website Builders are also referred to as Software as a Service or SaaS for short, meaning they offer you their software for you to use and pay a few charges on a monthly basis, so you can take care of the business stuff rather focusing on the technical factors as told earlier. For a detailed understanding, click this link here>>

In this digital world of technology, it is quite easy to gain an online presence but much more difficult than you can think of is to sustain and make yourself be found easily when someone searches you over the internet due to more and more people joining the same platforms and competing with each other for their name and title. Truth be told, you need a website by your own domain name, trust me! it is mandatory and worth it at this time and will help you so on for the future.

To build a website easy and fast here is our list of 10 Best Website Builders for 2021

Let’s begin the story….

1. Wix -  The overall best website builder for 2021

Wix is a leading website builder, in fact, the best website builder overall. Wix ranks for fields in best website builders, free website builders, easy website builders as the best of choice for everyone. Compared to other website builders, Wix gives you the potential of what a website builder should be and do, not just for the particular ones but for everybody. Today over 200 Million users use Wix as their best website builder to maintain their website and host over 160 million websites making it the largest and biggest player in the industry.


Wix has over 800+ Templates for you to choose from for your wonderful website and with the built-in Media-Collection WIX sets itself apart from most of its competitors on the market. Wix has its own App Market with over 300 Apps to help your site get extra and enhanced features & functionalities.

Did I mention WIX is the first website builder that offered its own separate Website Builder for eCommerce, known as WIX Ecommerce to its customers? It is totally designed for eCommerce and filled with Functionalities that an eCommerce should have.

Having said all that, yet means it has some drawbacks that the customers are facing you could learn more about them here.

Wix offers plans both free and paid pricing plans in a total of 8 pricing plans one of which is the first “WIX FREE Plan” applied when an average user gets started with WIX.com, the runner up paid plan starting at 14$/month Yearly Payment plan named the “Wix Combo Plan”.

2. Squarespace - The runner-up best website builder for 2021

Second, on our list is Squarespace. It is one of the best platforms you can build your website based on. When one of the world’s best website builders is being used by over 1 million paid users, it really means a big deal. Currently, over 450,000 websites are made with Squarespace.


Quick info, Squarespace holds the title of the most number of its websites being ranked in the top 1 million websites of all, where competitors such as WIX come at the 2nd position holding the runner-up title. Squarespace might not be the easiest website builder out on the market - yet it has some of the features that many other of its competitors don’t even fall onto.

Squarespace offers world-class designed templates that are filled with design creativeness, and trust me it is one of the pillar reasons why people choose Squarespace. Along with that, just like Wix, it also offers an eCommerce website builder aka Squarespace Commerce.

Meanwhile, Squarespace is a fully paid platform that offers just a 14-day Free Trial. Squarespace has 2 Pricing Segments divided into Monthly and Annually pricing starting at 12$/month up to 54$/month, making it one of the costly but value for money website builder of 2021.

You can also save 30% by purchasing the annual payment price packages.

3. Shopify - The power-house best website builder for eCommerce in 2021

Shopify is a Software as a Service than a CMS. Shopify is best known for its fully focused cart-based system. To give a clear understanding, it is designed for eCommerce or internet commerce and helps build any eCommerce website easily and fast as everything is already designed for it and specifically for that purpose. Shopify doesn’t allow or have any self-hosted service platform instead Shopify is a web application that completely runs on Shopify’s servers. So, you don’t need to worry about buying web hosting or installing software anywhere.


Shopify being specific to e-commerce has a user base of over 1.2 million users using it. Shopify is very beginner-friendly and requires you no technical skills to build a site. Shopify powers some of the world’s biggest brands like The Economist Store, REDBULL, Kylie Cosmetics, and many other famous brands. Did you know that the Famous Vehicle Manufacturer Tesla Motors Inc, the Tesla website is made with Shopify?

Shopify is a fully paid eCommerce website builder but offers a 14-day free trial which is more likely just to have a look at what Shopify is capable of providing to its users. Shopify has 3 plans starting from 29$/month to 299$/month - Yet, it is worth it.

Most Shopify users are with a business idea leading to a fruitful business mostly starting to generate revenue within the very first week of the online store. Some users also tend to make more than three sales within the very first day.

4. WordPress CMS -  The most flexible and everyone's choice best website builder for 2021

WordPress CMS

WordPress is an open-source Content-Management-System (CMS). WordPress is the simplest, most popular tool to create a website easily. In fact, WordPress alone powers over 40.0% of all the websites on the Internet making it the largest platform or piece of software used to power things on the internet. Yes – there is more possibility of one in every four websites that you visit is likely to be powered by WordPress. Furthermore, there are over 75 million sites that use WordPress.

WordPress has the most resources available online, to clear it our WordPress has way much more resources than all of these website builders in the list totally combined altogether cannot compete with just one category of resources talking WordPress themes for example. WordPress has more than 55000+ themes making it the largest website builder with the highest amount of resources for each and specific category it ranks for.

WordPress offers both paid and free, in other terms wordpress.com (paid) and wordpress.org (free) registered under GPLV2 to define the use of this software, modification based on any user using it.

Keep in mind we are talking about the online self-hosted WordPress.com. WordPress is the most powerful of all giving much more assurance of how good it is. WordPress offers something quite different and thus everyone is using it and ranks in our list of 10 best website builders for 2021.

WordPress powers some of the world's famous and well-known websites like Vogue, TechCrunch, The Obama Foundation, Facebook Newsroom, Microsoft News.

5. Weebly - The beginners choice best website builder for 2021

A platform was chosen by many beginners as the better getting started choice. Weebly is a very simple platform and is stuffed with features for both blogging and eCommerce capable of competing with the mass market. Despite the fact of limited customizability and design for the users Weebly still holds a very competitive and strong position in the top list. Powering over 30 million websites on the internet.


Weebly was founded in 2006, the year Facebook got its name. Weebly is currently owned by the online Payment Processing giant Square Inc.

Weebly is best known for its choice in the USA by absolute beginners. The reasons for that are the features of Weebly itself being very much beginner-friendly to use and takes just seconds to open your website or an online store and along with is the ability to make transactions like any other with the integration of Squareup.

Weebly is both free and paid plans. The Free being forever free with a subdomain and paid prices starting from 6$ making it one of the lowest starting rates for a website builder on our list.

6. Webflow - The designers choice best website builder for 2021

Webflow is the website builder for everyone. Webflow in my opinion is the most detailed front-end customizer there could possibly be.


Building a website is a piece of cake, yet that doesn’t make it the absolute builder for everyone, there are a few lackings. Webflow is inspired from a designer’s perspective of designing a website like doing a wireframe.

Webflow offers premade templates that you can choose from while getting started.

Although the front-end customizer being its most user-positive trigger point, it could be more of a confusing factor taking the fact that the customizer is designed like the panel from design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator which makes it quite hard for everyone to understand.

Webflow offers Free-trial with a subdomain for as long as you might want to. Webflow is a paid platform too, not completely free as you may think. Webflow has 12 Plans with 4 variants and 2 segments starting from 12$ up to custom deals, making it quite the most specific pricing method for its users' purpose.

7. Wow Weber - The Best website builder for starters and techies

WowWeber is the absolute website builder for everyone, except it is mostly being by users who are techie - people who have less knowledge about programming languages like ever heard of HTML or CSS.

Wow Weber 

WowWeber is for the techies with tech knowledge. It may sound unusual but the fact is most developers don’t spend their time showing off online for themselves, rather for the client- the answer I received common answers from a developer in a Reddit post is I have so many clients to handle or tasks to complete I don’t have time for my personal branding ”. To solve that issue WowWeber contains hundreds of astonishing and beautiful-looking templates made by developers, designed by creative industry-leading designers, and for the better part designed and developed for both developers and non-techies.

WowWeber has over 300+ premade templates to choose from and is much easier to get your website ready in just minutes, compared to any other website builder in this list or on the market. WowWeber is also the one completely free website builder on our list.

Rather than deploying every time you update your website codes, it is quite a hassle. With Wow Weber you can edit your codes within the code editor of your website and see it update in real-time.

WowWeber is highly secured, it is built with Laravel (backend) and AngularJs (frontend) in the focus of enterprise-grade security for their customers making the top secured website builder on the list.

WowWeber is a completely FREE website Builder and ranks #1 as the best Free Website Builder for 2021 and on our list of 10 best website builders for 2021.

Currently, it offers its exciting features for totally free, but it may change in the upcoming years. So it is better to say, grab your offers while you still can... ????

8. Jimdo -  The best website builder for the non-elastic user

Jimdo is another online platform that provides everything you need to make your own website. You can make anything from a business site or blog to an eCommerce store – all without having to use code!

-Jimdo website


Unlike normal website builders, Jimdo has and offers two editors called the Jimdo Creators and Jimdo Dolphin. Jimdo Creators is simple and functions the same way as other website builders like Squarespace, Weebly, WowWeber. Jimdo Dolphin uses ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence to help you create a website robotically.

Jimdo offers both a normal website(blog) and Online store functionalities like its top competitors in the market. Jimdo offers some basic features to build a website, but if you are a user who likes things fully personalized or kind of more advanced, you may not find Jimdo much useful as it starts to feel uncomfortable with the panel widgets.

Jimdo offers both FREE and paid plans. Jimdo used to have editor-based pricings means each of Jimdo’s two editors Jimdo Creator & Jimdo Dolphin used to have their own set of prices. But in today’s date, Jimdo offers still two pricing charts but instead of editors now for platforms like Jimdo Website & Jimdo Online Store. Price starting from Free - 19$/month  which contains in total of 7 packages within.

9. NicePage - The free-hand best website builder for 2021  



NicePage is an easy-to-use straightforward Drag-and-drop application in which you can build any kind of design. According to nicepage,  “ Nicepage aims to help all developers and designers to become more capable and efficient in designing themes and templates for a variety of content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. “

NicePage has over 6500+ designer templates, making the website builder with the third most template resource holder in this list after WordPress and Shopify.  

NicePage is a free website builder for building one website with 5 pages.  Nicepage is a cloud-based Web App or web-based desktop application to be more precise, along with capabilities to run offline within its desktop applications for devices like Windows and macOS as like Figma, but unlike Figma which is also a closed-based design application but only for Graphics & UX UI Design.

Though, having quite the best experience of building a website without even the need to know what is happening behind the scenes, giving you the total freedom of custom design for your web page. Whenever you drag a piece of widget from lines of codes is placed immediately and changes when you make any sort of changes to the widget, giving you the taste of the absolute website building experience.

But, the level of functionality surely is a drawback for a nice page. With nicepage you lack the ability of heavy customization when talking about functionalities like animation and movement such as pop-up to name a few.

Overall, from my experience, NicePage is a good way of developing single web pages for any purpose and showcasing them in front of millions. It is worth pointing out that the websites built using nice page use PHP programming language as their back-end code.

10. Duda - The best but costly website builder for 2021


Duda is quite the alternative for Squarespace in some of the factors. Duda is a very simple website builder for everyone. Duda, like the other ones in this list, is a drag and drop website builder, where you can build websites easily.

Duda, as per our testing with its drag and drop functionality like all others, and its beautifully designed templates make it the perfect choice for everyone except the one looking for too much customization and doing things on their own.

Duda has about 125-130 templates as of March 2021, making it a resourceful choice as a website builder for the average user who is just getting started...

Duda is mostly known for its credibility to create multiple websites which is quite an essential feature for web designer freelancers to create multiple websites for their clients.

Duda would have been the best website builder of choice for everyone if it didn’t have a high price tag. Duda has the highest starting plan price in this list of whole other website builders comparatively in terms of features offered.

That is surely a point to be thinking of the average consumer who is just getting started or thinking of change from some other platform compared to what others are offering lower than this price and with features of what Duda offers.

Well, that’s almost it, for the 10 best website builders for 2021.

To give you a more precise and clear-cut knowledge we have made our comparison about the pros & cons about these websites builders - image - link to another blog post.

As you are still here and caught up to this point, Let’s provide you the best website builder for 2021 and continue with the conclusion to give the idea of which one to choose based on our user experience with all of these website builders.

But before that let’s give you some short points you should consider while choosing the best website builder for you and your next project. Here’s what you need to consider?

# Highest efficiency within the FREE plans or trials

Find joy within FREE, which means find the ones who offer free services and try to use them. Go in-depth and search in detail what it has to offer, try to look at every tiny detail. Try some alternative platforms and compare the pros and cons of the website builders and mention some points. As of now, you may have already got some clear knowledge of your favorite platforms to use. A quick pro-tip, create user accounts in the website builder websites you found is helpful for your perspective or website builders you like.

# What can you make with it, know the limitations?

As a designer, business owner, a starter, or whoever you might be, I assume whatever you use you want complete freedom over it within your imagination. As previously told, look into the details. Some of the website builders may not give you your freedom and leave it all up to you or help you when you need them. So, try to master it within the limited Free-range lifecycle, if you find it convenient and suiting your needs. That would give you a crystal-clear decision of whether to use it or not.

# How easy is it for your use?

Assuming you are a non-techie person - the reason you are using a website builder. Make sure to check out whether or not it is easy. Here at this point most of the people would make, and for sure make mistakes. Most of the people would search for the easiest ones, searching via different mistakes. Stop doing that, create your own user accounts and start using. Find the easiest ones yourself, you don’t know the capabilities of the YouTuber you are watching, or the blogger you are reading. Find the easy things as per you, you know yourself better than anyone and you will face problems for sure, try to find a solution to those problems. That’s when you find the absolute one of your choice and the one to suit you, forget the others.

# Price range

You know your budget and the bucks you can spend and the bucks you need specifically for the website builder subscription only. It would not be a good idea to invest all or a big portion of your investing money on just a platform for a subscription. I know the question, here is the answer: the website is your most powerful tool and a powerful base online, yet keep in mind it is not a powerful base unless you have things and suit your purpose of what the website was built for! Within this time I assume you have found your desired website builder of choice by simply following the above techniques. So be careful and take time to compare the platforms and do it within your budget.

Now, Let’s begin with the Conclusion...

The comparison keeps going on and this is how businesses work and thus, we as customers get the best value for our money. Yet while choosing the best as a beginner can be tough and confusing when there is so much to choose from, you may check our comparisons in detail to help you choose the best website builder for your criteria and develop your online presence.

We can describe another thousand words to explain the conclusion, but based on our user experience we came up with all of these website builders may not give you a shock. Let’s answer this short and precisely. Here are our recommendations for the 10 Best Website Builders for 2021.

For Sticking with us until the very end, we’ve got a bonus for you...

11. Google Blogger

Back in history Blogger is one of the first website builders, if not the first in the world. Officially launched on August 23, 1999. Blogger was made for blogging and one of the earlier concepts of sharing thoughts online with the rest of the world. Blogger was once a state of the art but unlike modern website builders it was and still now in today’s time is meant for one and only blogging, and till now holds the title of getting the highest possibility of high rank on Search Engines Results Pages according to some reports. Blogger being a product of Google surely has some benefits of being somehow related and some beneficial points with the world's largest Search Engine Google that almost all the other website builders lack behind.

It offers you a subdomain to get started and if you have or own a domain you would like to connect your domain with Blogger and manage it you can do that too completely free of cost.

Blogger is not a design-friendly builder but is a highly secure being built with Python programming language. Creating a custom design with Blogger may be a complete mess as you have to deal with straight codes of HTML & CSS which is surely not a good thing.  Neither less it is still a competitive platform to be used in 2021.

Let us know, which website builder platform would you get started with? Which is the best website builder according to you? and why? Let us know in the comments...
While thinking about this topic, now maybe is the time to give the answer to your question of “ Which is the best in terms of value offered within value? ”

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