Softopark: One-Stop Digital Solutions

Softopark: One-Stop Digital Solutions


"We aim to become a brand that is reliable and trustworthy," says team Softopark. "How we differentiate anything depends on the analysis and actual outcomes of the enterprise.” In conversation with the team of Softopark, we discuss the scopes of digitization, digital aims, and the future of career seekers in the field. 

2020 has been a year of the digital revolution, and Softopark jumped the trail quite smoothly to fill those gaps in terms of corporate software solutions. Any software system integration can give business benefits including real savings or improvements and a return on revenues (return on investment). By improving the processing and sharing of data, these advantages can be realized by enhancements to current software systems. In certain cases, the gains are obtained by improved resources and capacity and not just by time-saving workflows. Softopark is mainly a technology organization that offers both technical solutions and services for information technology. 

Softopark It Ltd. provides software/solutions that are useful for both corporate and ordinary customers, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations with custom software/solutions. In the world of technology, Softopark is a leader, working on powerful subjects such as Microservice Architecture. Microservices, also known as the architecture of microservices, is an architectural style that structures an application as a service set. It makes it possible to produce massive, complex applications easily, regularly, and reliably.

However, these are common, general characteristics of most software enablers. What makes Softopark different?

What makes us stand out is that it is not only common for a few, but for the majority of Bangladeshi IT companies, the way our website structure is structured and the products within it, and the methods by which this structure circulates. Our website has been developed by our team of full-stack developers in Django, one of Python's most popular, most powerful, and highly secure web frameworks. The reason we're leading is that other IT companies or software development companies have developed their PHP-built WordPress website, but built for any undetectable user. That makes a difference is why a question arises about the abilities of their team.” 

Is Softopark strong enough to take over the Digital Scene in Bangladesh?

Yeah, introducing the way we see and view stuff is pretty strategic. We don't just spit out stuff and prattle a lot of things. How we differentiate anything depends on the analysis and actual outcomes of the enterprise/company, which offers an overview of how we and the people who we work for as our clients can distinguish themselves in the future only by taking precise measures. We aim to become a brand that is reliable and trustworthy.

We believe in the architecture of SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is based on the company's internal information and things that would be good, worse, risk, and opportunities for the company and does better. Through this method, we convert the good into best, worse into reliable, risk into opportunities, opportunities into developing the company's impressions as a Brand in front of people.” 

Why would people choose Softopark specifically, not any other company?

“Getting Softopark on your side is not only an advantage but a profit from having Intelligent Minds on your side and leading roles. Softopark is not just a simple category organization, but rather a leader in different services, providing the best solution and strategy for your business. You don’t only benefit from our services, but you also learn to develop your own service with our training sessions, online workshops, and consultations- something that most software companies avoid in order to keep the integrity of their service exclusiveness. We, however, believe in growing together, rather than isolated.”

What is the deal-breaker when it comes to choosing a digital platform?

Choosing a digital platform is tough when you're at a time when everything is available online and you have multiple and multiple platforms and services to choose from. Well, it's hard to refer to platforms or service-oriented solutions, as in most cases businesses and large corporations tend to choose a platform for their needs, depending on the circumstances. What that means is that it depends entirely on things such as users of companies, services, strength, reliability, and assurance, and also on the money that the service may cost. As an important note, migration from one service to another can be a long process when it comes to data and data-time (the time of those data being used most frequently).

Software companies are unable to make a worthwhile return on their investments. Unreal or improperly structured project priorities, weak system requirements, and inadequate communication between consumers, developers, and users include the primary reasons for failure. The cost to correct a mistake in the field is 100 times more than during the stage of growth. Failure to identify these signs may lead to the failure of the organization itself. Major factors that contribute to a failure of a software project are software bug or malfunction, environmental factors, infrastructure or software failure, virus, intruder, network/hardware failure, and operator error.

“Upwork's "Freelancing in America" survey: 56.7 million Americans freelanced in 2018. That's more than 1 in 3 people freelancing. Younger generations are freelancing more than older groups. Older age groups actually showed a slight decline in freelancing, the survey found. The 18-34 age group increased to 42% freelancing in 2018, compared to 38% in 2014.” --- ‘Freelancers are welcome' according to Softopark. Why do you think Bangladeshis aren't more into this although the Youth Unemployment has been growing in the recent Pandemic times?                                     

Freelancing provides you the right to select your customers and manage the workload. Freelancing is an extension of horizons. You are not only free from the cabinet and from 9 to 5 working lives, but you are also now free to work on your own. Working an individual work opens up the expertise of a number of tasks and subjects. The variety will help to build a less repetitive and dull setting. It also helps you to be more open to various sectors and occupational areas. However, these are not the recognized traditional practices in Bangladesh. 

Softopark encourages freelancers interested in blogging, developing software, UI/UX trainees to freelance and try their skills out in the practical world because being your own boss is the new trend that should be adopted in this fast-approaching technological revolution of the globe. Everyone deserves a shot at independence and there is no greater freedom than the individual spirit of exercising your passion on your own terms while making money from it. 

Lastly, do you believe e-commerce will become larger than mainstream industries?

We evaluate today's (recent years) behavior to conclude that shopping goods have the future of eCommerce. There may be or may not be much better options for big conglomerates today and many online shops waiting for customers to recognize them and take drastic steps like purchasing a product. Figures demonstrate how people create their own businesses, for example, Thrasio, on large Tech Online Shopping sites, like Amazon.Inc. This provides us with perspectives on how customers want safer, quicker, and more persuasive online services.

Softopark is primarily a digital organization, providing both technological and IT services. In certain instances, increased capital and capability are used to make gains. 



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